Botox Cosmetic will last approximately three months to four months until another treatment is needed. Results will vary from person to person.
All our cosmetic injections are safe, effective and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. The MDU (Medical Defence Union) will only insure doctors who use FDA approved products this provides further assurance that you will be in extremely safe hands.
The treatment is virtually painless. If the skin is particularly sensitive, a topical anaesthetic may be applied 30-60 minutes beforehand.
Results of this treatment are immediate but the full effect can take up to 14 days.
This can vary from patient to patient and the results are not permanent. You will need to maintain your results with additional injectable treatments.

We have 43 muscles in the face and it’s these muscles that allow us to demonstrate a wide array of emotion and expression. In our youth, the skin pings back to its original form after expressing emotion, without leaving behind any lines, however, as we age, our collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid gradually break down meaning that these lines no longer disappear but instead present themselves as folds and wrinkles.

We understand that ageing is a part of life and as the years’ pass, the less vibrant, refreshed and youthful the skin may begin to look.

For many of our clients, they desire to reduce and further prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst still looking natural. This treatment is an effective method to soften deep furrows, frown lines, smile lines and crows’ feet.

At Cosmo MedSpa, we provide anti-wrinkle injections to relax these muscles, stopping them from contracting and forming notable lines and wrinkles. These treatments have been used by doctors for many years and are a consistent means for reversing the signs of ageing.

After undertaking a full consultation, we can fully assess the area and determine how we can achieve your treatment expectations.

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